Oregon groups


Willamette Valley

Corvallis Veg Education Group: Dine-outs at restaurants. Occasionally other events. www.corvallisveg.org, corvallisveg@gmail.com.

Oregon State University: Vegans and Vegetarians at OSU, vegansandvegetarians@gmail.com.

Eugene Veg Education Network (EVEN): Vegan education and outreach since 2005. http://www.eugeneveg.org/, eugvegedunet@comcast.net.

Eugene Veggies (Meetup Group): a variety of events http://www.meetup.com/EugeneVeggies/.

Salem: Salem Vegan Diners meet first Sundays at 1:30 p.m. All welcome to dine from a vegan menu or potluck, to network with and support each other on our plant based journeys that are making the world a better place for ourselves, animals, and the environment! We often have a special speaker or presentation. Please call/text 520-272-1362 to learn more, RSVP,and/or to be added to the list. See you soon!

Portland and Elsewhere:

NW VEG: in Portland/Vancouver, holds many kinds of events and an annual vegfest. See www.nwveg.org, e-mail info@nwveg.org, or call 503-746-8344.

VegNet Bend: (updated 2014): Many kinds of events: http://vegnetbend.org/

anywhere else in the world: To find veg groups, could try vegguide.org, newspapers, asking at a food co-op, internet search, or social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.


Help hand out booklets or stock displays: Distribute literature about factory farms, to help encourage people to go vegetarian. To get involved with a leafleter in your town, contact Josie at Vegan Outreach josie@veganoutreach.org. You are also welcome to contact Willamette Valley volunteer leafleter Cobie (cdeles@peak.org). Thank you!

Other forms of outreach: If you contact these veg groups, they may know of outreach events and such that could use volunteers. Thank you!

NOTE: If you know of another group not listed here, please contact Cobie, cdeles@peak.org.

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